Many companies in Lebanon are using social media to increase their awareness and promote their brands. If you are a business operating in this market, you have to learn how to stand out from the competition and differentiate yourself on social media.

Below are a number of powerful tips that will help you succeed in social media in Lebanon:

Build your awareness

Tell people that you are on social media too. Increase you awareness through advertising. This is how Lebanese internet users will know that you are present on social media and will be able to learn about your brand. Not all companies are leveraging the power of social ads for the purpose of creating branding and awareness. Use that to your advantage

Ask questions and run competitions 

Lebanese social media followers love to interact and engage with you. Social media is not only about posting pictures and videos and advertising your offers. You should ask questions and make your fans participate in your competitions. This way you increase your engagement rate on your social media pages and accounts
Many Lebanese companies have done a great job on social media and have achieved remarkable success in reaching and engaging people through creative competitions.

Post quality content

Don’t underestimate the power and reach of social media. Lebanese people spend a lot of time on social channels checking posts and reading news. Your social media content should be rich, informative and interesting. Talk about your company news, your employees, your daily activities, your history, etc…
People want to know about the human aspect behind your brand not only about the products you sell

Use powerful hashtags

Hashtags have become essential when posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. People find your posts through searching hashtags. Use popular Lebanese hashtags such as: #livelovelebanon, #beirut_lebanon, #lebanonshots, #lebanontourism, #lebanoninstagram, #lebanonphoto, #Lebanon, and #Beirut.

Be creative when creating cover pictures

Covers on Facebook and Twitter represent the identity of your brand. Put a picture that represents your brand and update it regularly to promote your events, offers, competitions, news, products, etc…

Analyze your competition

No company can succeed in social media without doing a competitive analysis. First identify your competitors, second analyze their social media strategies, and third differentiate yourself by adapting a more creative strategy and posting more attractive posts

Answer your fans

Lebanese people follow you for a reason on social media: they are interested in your and what you have to say. Give your Lebanese fans attention and answer their inquiries. They will feel appreciated and they will always check your latest updates

Measure your results

The key to succeed in social media is to measure your results through analyzing reports and insights registered in your social media analytics. Compare your campaigns and identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to get better results.

Whether you are a small company or a big enterprise, being present on social media has become crucial nowadays. Pay attention to what you post on social media and have a clever strategy tailored to the Lebanese market.
We care about your success and we are here to help you better reach and engage with a Lebanese audience on social media.

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