The answers to that are as numerous as the websites out there. Whereas change can be a terrifying, time-consuming, and now and then, expensive venture, it remains a great thing; introducing within the modern and valuable at the cost of the ancient and no-longer-so-useful. The same holds genuine within the field of web plan and online marketing.

Among other things, upgrading your website may assist you maintain your spot within the look motor rankings as well as include to your standing as an specialist within the eyes of your guests.

1. You Have Not Upgraded Your Website in 4 Years

If you answered ‘yes’ to this, then it’s about time you got to work updating your site. Innovation moves at the speed of light in the world of IT, and those who fail to keep up get left behind…in the search rankings, that is. Websites that were developed a while ago are likely to have code that no longer meets up with industry standards.

This translates to a dip in the usability of the design.

2. Your Website Design isn’t Responsive

If your site isn’t responsive, you cannot predict how it’ll look on different devices. Given that versatile and tablet gadgets have outperformed desktops as go-to gadgets for browsing in most parts of the world, responsive website design may be a factor that can now not be neglected when considering overhauling your site.

3. Your Competitors Have Sites that Look Better than Yours

It’s never a good sign to get left behind in anything–least of all in online marketing. If you realize that your digital footprint is getting smaller than that of your competitors, then it may be a good idea to refresh a few things in your online marketing strategy.

4. Your Website Is Not Intuitive and User-friendly

An intuitive and user-friendly website is well structured, consistent, and easy to navigate. If your website does not tick all these boxes, then it’s likely that the majority of visitors leave in frustration after a few seconds. The very small percentage of visitors that do stay end up having a hard time figuring out where to go in order to get what they want.

5. For SEO Best Practices

Recent content tends to be favored over dated content by the search engine. Your website might be okay, but if it is still offering the same content that it did 5 or more years ago, then it’s bound for an inevitable drop in the rankings.

6. For Security Purposes

Innovations in information technology move at mind-blowing speed-and that is true even for hackers. While every website faces cyber-security challenges, it is easier for older websites to fall victim due to their reliance on older-possibly outdated-technology. You should also make sure your site is using an SSL Certificate and is protected with HTTPS.

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