If your business has a cafeteria, café or restaurant on site, digital menu boards can help increase profits, improve the customer experience, and save you time and money.

Top 6 Benefits of Digital Menu Boards:

  1. Increase revenues and decrease wastage
  2. Reduce perceived wait times in queues
  3. Show allergy and nutritional information
  4. Entice customers with beautiful visuals
  5. Use affordable templates or custom designs
  6. Update on-screen content in just a few clicks

1. Menu Boards Increase Revenues and Decrease Wastage

Digital menus let you advertise your daily fare along with promotions that focus on what you need to sell. You can change what’s displayed as things sell out, or other items become limited-time specials in an effort to get rid of all your stock (so you don’t have wastage).

2. Electronic Menu Boards Reduce Perceived Wait Times in Queues

Restaurant menu boards can also help your audience make faster decisions about what to order, which speeds up the line and makes service go smoother for both your staff and patrons. That all adds up to a better customer experience.

3. Digital Menus Let You Show Nutritional Information

You’re not limited to lists of food, drinks and prices. If your menu is bio, advertise that. If you source locally, or want to spotlight some premium ingredient, you can do that on your digital menu.

4. Digital Menu Designs Can Entice Customers with Beautiful Visuals

Digital menu board scan stimulate interest and appetite by putting images front and center. A high-definition, high-quality picture of food is almost certain to get people thinking about the dish in the picture. Let’s face it, a picture of a deep, rich cup of coffee with steam rising from it is far more enticing than just the word “coffee” or a washed-out photo that’s been up for months.

5. Affordable Templates Make Digital Menu Boards Easy

If you decide on a custom menu board, be sure to get several designs to keep things fresh. And if you want to take it a step further, your menus can even be interactive, letting your customers search through all of your food, drinks, special offers and nutritional information on touchscreens or kiosks in their own time (and away from the counter).

6. Electronic Menus Can Be Updated in Minutes

The advantage of digital is that it’s dynamic. Changes on screen take only as long as someone going into the template or interface and updating the information – a single price change takes just seconds. If you prepare promotions in advance, putting them on screen is as simple as hitting “publish”.