Creative Ways to Recruit Employees & Recruitment Strategies

If you want to hire your ideal candidates who are employed elsewhere and avoid having to sort a mountain of unqualified resumes, you need to approach the market differently to recruit the ideal candidates. Because of this, many business organizations have been adopting creative ways to recruit employees. In this article, we have mentioned a list of ways through which businesses are changing their ways to recruit employees, like conducting interactive group interviews to actively hunting for dream candidates in unlikely locations. Such techniques can help your firm to stand out and connect with ideal job candidates. Read on to learn more about creative ways to recruit employees.

Ways to Recruit Employees: Introduction

Every company’s core and most essential components are its employees, which is why recruiters utilize a wide range of techniques, strategies, and creative ways to recruit employees. You must use creative and unconventional recruitment techniques if you wish to attract ideal candidates, particularly in large competitive lines of work like engineering and programming. When you employ unique recruitment strategies, you put forward cutting-edge techniques for contacting, luring, and keeping applicants. Effective recruitment techniques help expand audience and interaction, highlight the reasons why your business is a wonderful work environment and create a sense of worth in potential employees. This means looking at your current recruitment approach and posing the following inquiries to yourself:

What aspects of our hiring approach you must alter? What is the best technique for hiring new employees? What are my market rivals doing, and how can I outdo them?

And this is where creative hiring practices come handful.

What Is Creative Recruitment?

A new approach to employee recruitment, known as creative recruitment, is changing the ways to recruit employees. Business organizations that aim to share their corporate culture with their employees while also attracting qualified candidates can utilize creative recruitment techniques. Additionally, it’s also a great method for a business to stand out, which is essential nowadays. According to the reports presented by Society for Human Resource Management[1], Millions of job vacancies go into the field every year as there is little or no interest in filling them. The effective ways to recruit employees include:

As job description a probably a crucial component of the recruitment process, the procedure doesn’t end here. By combining certain creative recruitment strategies and elements that symbolize your business organization’s uniqueness, you can swiftly outperform your business rivals with your best talent.

Ways to Recruit Employees: Top Creative Recruitment Strategies

Creativity in recruitment procedure in both action and thought is only the beginning. Once you have planned to recruit employees, you must experiment, test, and evaluate them repeatedly to see which are the most effective ways to recruit employees. Don’t worry if this seems like a difficult procedure; we are here to help. We’ve compiled a list of 10 creative recruiting techniques. Start by implementing these, and you’ll soon experience long-term benefits.

Optimize Your Career Page

Maintaining a detailed career page on your website for any vacancy is a strong recruitment strategy and must be well-designed. Firstly, every individual expects to find a career page on every business website. Secondly, it’s also a great tool for providing the company’s objectives, benefits, and cultures, along with sharing content and job vacancies.

Your career page should also cover everything from the company’s internal diversity information to basic principles, titles, and honors received by employers, and numerous opportunities for candidates to learn more about the organization as well as career opportunities.

Develop In-depth Recruitment Content

To provide candidates with full knowledge about your business that goes beyond basic information, then creating in-depth content about it is a creative strategy. Numerous businesses have started posting numerous blogs on a variety of different subjects that help candidates develop more interest in their business by reading about the entire hiring process and more. Furthermore, a lot of business organizations make their open-source data freely usable and replicable within their organization. It helps in creating a sense of belonging for both employers and employees, which leads to goodwill and the productivity of the business.

Post about company culture on social media

Having a strong business culture within the specific applicant pool is one thing, but having a stellar reputation as a great place to work internationally is quite another.

One of the creative ways to recruit employees is to make full utilization of social media presence for hiring and strengthening your company’s brand name. Start by sharing interesting content, encouraging your employees to talk about their experiences, participating in public debates, and advocating about your business and its mission. This creative recruitment technique, when implemented properly, does have the potential to provide outstanding results to your firm.

Make a video for recruitment

Another creative way to recruit employees is by filming a recruitment video. Creating video content for your career page and website is a very beneficial step for building your reputation, these recruitment videos will help you reach your goals more rapidly. Use social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to rapidly reach large audiences easily.

Your business can easily compete with other business organizations that continuously promote their brand name via radio or television at a particular cost.

Create online job fairs

With the improvement & progress of Technology, you can now easily promote your business at universities, job fairs, and all over the world via virtual presentations, a messaging application, and video chats. Even while it is best to meet the potential candidate in person, attending these job fairs lets you communicate and interact with a lot more applicants. Quality surely is an appealing option for recruiters attempting to fill their job vacancies with this recruiting method.

Re-engage previously qualified candidates

Another creative way to recruit employees is surfing through previously qualified candidates. The ideal candidates may already be in your tracking system, or they may also be your former employee. If you have tried every possible way to find an Ideal candidate but had no luck, try surfing through your ATS database.

There’s a potential goldmine of pre-screened candidates who have previously shown enough interest in your business to apply for a job.

Look for candidates who suit the bill in your ATS, and then get in touch with those individuals to see if they’re still interested. Instead, if you’re feeling bold, get in touch with former workers to see if they’d been concerned about making a comeback.

Utilize Campus Newspapers

As this creative way to recruit employees is geographically constrained, think about pleasing advertisements in the campus newspaper and on the university website if you are willing to hire from colleges and Universities. As an alternative, you might also work with fraternities and sororities to spread the word.

Improve your referral program for staff members

You can use word-of-mouth or a buzz to additional resources to identify ideal candidates. Make your employees promote your company’s vacancies. If your business is new, you can benefit from this recruitment technique. Find qualified candidates who breathe, live, and exhale your aim, and provide them with desired resources to achieve your goals and objective. After all, why wouldn’t individuals desire to share their passion with others if they are happy with their jobs? Educate them on how to promote the company when they are out and provide them with information to share on their social media handles and also in emails.

Utilize Artificial Intelligent and search engine tools

Approximately 75% of recruiting managers think employing Artificial intelligence for recruitment can significantly improve hiring quality. Similar to how it helps recruiters save time using search engine tools. But getting your website on the first page of a Google search is a challenge. However, there are a few SEO strategies and approaches that you may use to improve your recruiting plan without hiring an SEO expert. Google Job Search is a great way to get qualified candidates to your job posting before they go to your business website or job board.

Utilize Niche Candidate Networks

Many hiring managers usually post job openings on Facebook, Indeed, etc. But have you considered exploring other well-known social media platforms that are not used frequently for a job posting? You can try launching a strategic Q&A podcast on Spotify or YouTube and set up a customized recruiting room on Zoom or Google Meet.


Yes, hiring is much more complicated than it looks, but utilizing old traditional ways to recruit employees has made it much more difficult. In the business world, there are many job vacancies every year. That’s where creative recruitment strategies and unconventional hiring techniques, like recruitment automation and text messaging, come in handy. They’re useful not only for big businesses but also for small businesses and start-ups. You can increase the number of applications you receive by enhancing or modernizing your hiring process by implementing creative ways to recruit employees. Be creative, explore your options, and determine what is effective.