At the moment there are a number of slightly different visions of the metaverse. Most of the businesses working on metaverse-related projects have different ideas.

But they’re all based around the core metaverse concept — a multifaceted virtual world that will offer individuals a diverse range of digital experiences and opportunities to inteact with others.

It will contain a wide variety of different but interconnected digital environments. These will offer spaces for leisure activities, social gatherings, shopping, work and much more.

But, how does it affect eCommerce?

It is common knowledge that physical barriers are an obstacle to businesses, but the metaverse can solve that problem.

Imagine that you are a consumer and you need a pair of boots because winter is closing by, but the nearest shop you know that sells boots is far away from your house. You don’t have the time to go there, so you can just buy one through the internet. However, the metaverse is different. It will bring the shop to you virtually, just like you are going to the physical shop in reality.

If people are able to make the most of the metaverse, eCommerce could reach hundreds of millions of dollars within ten years in the metaverse, Facebook said.

The reality of everyday social interactions and experiences happening from the comfort of our own homes. Whilst it is expected to have major effects on how we live our lives, it’s also predicted to have an impact on the way eCommerce businesses will run in the future

As well as how it’s expected to change our lives and the way we do things, the metaverse is also set to have a difference on many existing markets such as social media, gaming, bricks and mortar stores, and it is set to have a major impact on eCommerce businesses.

With the promise of a new digital world, it is going to have an inevitable rise in the digital economy.

As the metaverse becomes reality for us we are going to see the introduction of new tech features that will change the way we shop online. At the moment, a lot of this is all predictions as the metaverse hasn’t quite become our reality yet. However, Zuckerburg announced that Facebook would be opening a new marketing place where people can sell and share 3D items – and once Facebook has introduced this we predict it won’t be long until it becomes the norm.

The metaverse will allow eCommerce businesses to increase personalisation for their consumers. Imagine being able to invite every one of your customers to your new range launch party. Well, this will all be possible with the digital advantages of the metaverse. When discussing how online shopping will look in the future they used the story of two friends meeting in a virtual park, discussing that they want a new pair of shoes. A virtual assistant then helps them find what they want, personalises them and lets you try them on, before deciding if you want the physical version.

Due to this vision, payments services are expecting the metaverse to benefit them hugely – as people won’t be paying cash in a digital reality of course.

Product discovery – personalisation – fulfilment, all in a few moments, from your home. The metaverse will allow eCommerce businesses to provide their customers with more, without having to pay more.

There is so much to look forward to and a lot to anticipate about the metaverse becoming our reality, so hopefully, this has helped you understand a little more about what to expect and why.