Keep in touch with your best customers, encourage brand loyalty and boost sales with powerful organic email marketing from MEWS in Lebanon and the Middle East.


Why choose MEWS for Email Marketing in Lebanon and the Middle East?

With MEWS, we use email marketing that works. Rather than focusing energy in to people who have never heard of you, we focus on the people that want to listen to what you have to say.

What’s included?

  • Actively generate quality subscribers
    With MEWS we do more than just write and send out emails. We also focus on effective ways to constantly grow your email marketing reach and subscribers as quickly as possible without diluting the quality of your subscribers.
  • Quality call to actions
    It’s great that they’ve read the email and are now up to date, but what do they do next? To maximise the email’s potential, we encourage the recipient to take action, be it navigate to the website, claim their offer or make a purchase.
  • Powerful copy and bespoke templates
    We ensure the best outcome for your email marketing. Including bespoke email templates to match your branding and powerful copy that keeps recipients engaged.
  • Seamless website integration( Landing Page Integration)
    Your email marketing needs to work with your website, not against it. We create systems that allow visitors to sign up to your email marketing within 60 seconds or less. All without leaving your website. Gain quality subscribers without losing traffic.
  • Integrated into social Media
    MEWS Integrate your email Marketing campaign with social media channels in order to engage with your social media fans and followers.

How does it work?

First we want to understand more about your business, what you sell, your USPs, what you want your email marketing to achieve and what your customers and audience are like.

Once we have everything we need, we’ll create a custom strategy for your business to use that will engage your audience, grow subscribers and generate the results you’re looking for.