While you’re taking a full minute to Google “grumpy cat,” Amazon just made $83,000 in sales, 571 new websites were created, and 1.4 million people connected via Skype. But this isn’t all that takes place every 60 seconds.

With 216,000 images shared on Instagram, 104,000 on Snapchat, 20 million photos viewed on Flickr, and 20,000 photos uploaded to Tumblrevery minute, the amount of information overload is obvious, and distraction is understandable. It sort of makes you wonder how anyone could possibly consume or share even a fraction of this digital content. How do you keep up to date on the latest posts, trends, and data without overloading? It can be tough to filter through the noise to find what you really want to hear about.

The infographic below presents what exactly happens on average every minute of every day on the most popular digital platforms.  Here are some highlights:

  • 70 new domain names are registered
  • 2 million searches are done on Google
  • 41 thousand posts, 1.8 million likes and 340GB of data are being shared on Facebook
  • 278 thousand tweets are published on Twitter
  • 72 hours of videos are being uploaded to Youtube
  • 204 million emails are sent
  • 3,600 photos are shared every second on Instagram
  • 347 new blogposts are added to WordPress
  • 11 thousand active users join Pinterest

Click on the infographic below for a larger image.

Source: http://www.wamda.com/2013/07/what-happens-online-every-60-seconds-infographic