Regardless of your content type, business model, or target market, every website’s main goal is to increase the number of visitors on a regular basis.

But when it comes to where that traffic actually comes from, there is more than one type of visitor. Some come to a website once and never come back, as they’re not interested by the content provided. Others express a bit more interest and come back to the website occasionally whenever they need specific information that only this site can provide.

The most desirable kind of visitor is the one who regularly benefits from the content either for their personal life or work, by returning weekly or even daily.

In order to attract more visitors to your site, there are several strategies to take advantage of, which are presented in the infographic below by the Best Web Hosting Geek platform, which specializes in reviews on web hosting platforms.

Here are some highlights from their recommendations:

  • Include social tools by utilizing plugins that allow visitors to easily share your content on popular social networks.
  • Abide by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to help optimize the site for Google’s search engine.
  • Regularly publish original, well-written and informative contentrelevant to your niche.
  • Start a monthly or quarterly newsletter or mailing list including links and captions from your best content and using catchy subject titles for e-mails.
  • Allow guest blog writing, which helps you publish well-written and informative content from a diverse group of voices.
  • Participate in online forums and communities, sharing valuable content and aiding others who are asking for advice. Don’t forget to include your site’s link in your profile.
  • Utilize free press release services through platforms like,, or
  • Try out pay-per-click networks through platforms like Google Adwords, Clicksor, Yahoo Advertising, DigitalPoint and bidVertiser.

Check out the infographic below for a full set of strategy recommendations to boost your site traffic and click for a larger image.