If you really want to increase the profits that come through your email marketing, you need to implement the effective free email marketing tips that follow. They’ll provide you with a strategy that is designed to connect with the people on your email list.


1. Use Plain Text and Avoid Flash

Using flashy graphics is a great way to make sure that your email isn’t read. In contrast, by sticking to plain ordinary text, your readers will be more likely to read your entire message. This is a result of the mere fact, that you’ll seem more personable through your message.

In general, people view flashy emails as advertisements. By keeping your email simple, you’ll appeal to a higher percentage of your email list. This will lead to an increase in profits that can be measured following each email marketing campaign launch.

2. Make Your Email Personal

Of all of the free email marketing tips that you’ll definitely want to use in every single email that you send out, is making each email personal. This is rather easy to implement. Simply make sure that you include the name of your recipient, this can be done by using code within your autoresponder.

By including each person’s individual name, you’ll appear more genuine. In fact, it’ll seem as if rather than sending out a bulk email, you’re sending out a personal message. This will have a higher impact than any other strategies or tips that you decide to use.

3. Stay on Point

A common mistake that many people make when preparing their email message, is flowing off of the primary point or topic. This is often done when attempting to send valuable news. In many ways, making your message newsworthy is an excellent choice, however it should still be based on the initial topic. For example, an email list interested in diet and fitness most likely won’t want to read about the latest innovation, unless it happens to correlate with diet or fitness.

These free email tips will allow you to improve the actions that the recipients on your email list take, following receiving an email from you. Provided that you have stayed within their interest and provided valuable information, they’re likely to respond to your email. This will lead to a higher percentage of purchases that will allow you to see an immediate lift in profits resulting from the emails that you send out. Over time, you’ll also be able to gauge buying trends following your emails and compare them to the individual email that was sent out. This will provide you with priceless marketing information.


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