A study shows that out of 150,000 posts from brands on Instagram, 7 hashtags per photo post, generates by far the most like engagement on Instagram – up to 23% more likes.

Instagram Hashtag Study Piqora December 2013

The study estimates that 73% of brands are using too few or too many hashtags.

Hashtags play a huge discovery role on Instagram. Even more than Twitter, hashtags on Instagram are how a lot of photos (and the brands that post them) get found.

Since hashtags are how content gets discovered on Instagram, it’s all the more important for brands to incorporate hashtags as a part of their Instagram content strategy and track hashtags accordingly.

In order to be discovered, it’s important to be strategic about how many hashtags to place alongside your Instagram caption and what those hashtags actually are.

Here’s the best way to go about selecting the seven hashtags for your brand according to Piqora:

  • One hashtag should be your brand name (example: #nike)
  •  1-2 hashtags should be a hashtag your brand owns (example: #justdoit)
  •  and 2-5 should be community-focused hashtags (examples: #fitness #running)

Source: http://socialfresh.com/tip-the-secret-sauce-of-instagram-hashtags/