SMS marketing has evolved and today it’s rather interesting to see how marketers are envisioning its future. SMS marketing is like branding activity where you send a message to your customer in a manner that would elicit the desired response. SMS marketing companies can design a response that they wish from the customer through intelligent SMS marketing ideas.

SMS marketing has been widely accepted by marketers in Lebanon and the Middle East as an efficient and cost effective tool to reach customers. But, it can upset customers if done incorrectly and they can opt out of receiving text messages from you. Remember these points when you design and incorporate a SMS campaign into your marketing plan.

Here are some SMS marketing ideas that have evolved:

One-on-one communication:
Experts says that the focus will gradually shift to addressing customers on a one-on-one basis. SMS marketing companies should primarily make their customers recognizable and target them accordingly. At present the mechanism to identify and reach customers at private level is missing.

Integrate and engage:
When you use SMS marketing it should be integrated with other communication channels and consumer engagement activities. TV, Outdoor, Print, Email and Mobile all these channels should be integrated.

When you send an email you can follow it up with an SMS asking your customer if he/she has received the email. Or you can integrate social media with your SMS marketing.

Making the most of your reply message:
When you reply to a customer through a SMS, highlight the offer again by sharing coupons and promotion activities. Emphasize the offer and continue grabbing customer attention. You can message, “Buy one, get one; offer till 12 June”. This catches your customer’s eye much faster.

Have something special and valuable to say:
It totally irritates your customer if a marketing SMS has nothing valuable to offer or say. SMS should benefit the receiver in some or the other way. If you are asking your customer to opt in for SMS service then make sure you offer something different from email offers. If you want customers to give you permission to send text messages then you should have a compelling value proposition.

For example local offers, updates about stocks, an offer based on the latest purchase you have made, etc.

Right time to message:

Be in constant touch with your customer, especially if your customer is passionate about the product/service you are offering. SMS marketing companies should follow a practice to send messages when customers are intending to buy. In the restaurant or hospitality business this SMS marketing idea should be utilized. When you send a SMS before meal time or holiday season the impact is greater.

At MEWS we suggest the best SMS marketing ideas that are apt for your business and industry. Stay connected with us and know how you can use this channel to market your product/ service in the best possible manner.

Author: Rony Nassour