With our phones playing a pivotal part in our daily lives, we have compiled a list of Ramadan apps that will help you get through the long fasts with your digital companion at your side.

Ramadan Legacy
This is a new app launched this Ramadan. This program allows you to keep a daily Ramadan journal where you can record your achievements as well your goals throughout the month.  You are even sent reminders to help you achieve them!
The app states, ‘Imagine in 5 years’ time looking back to see what you felt and achieved 5 years’ ago in Ramadan.’
This app also allows you to share photos and hear stories from other people who are fasting across the world in a live stream.

A free app is particularly handy this month when Muslims aim to read more Quran. Now you can look at your phone to read passages complete with translations and recitations.
There is even commentary on the passages in various languages, thus broadening its appeal.

My Mosque App
Clever app this with a number of features. It lists the mosque nearest to you, their location and distance from where you are. You then simply subscribe to a mosque of your choice to receive all its information. We particular like how smaller mosques can stay in touch with their members and send out daily updates. It is free to download and free to subscribe for different Masjids. Masjids can also register for free by emailing info@mymosque.org.uk


Muslim Pro
This is a very popular app already and claims to offer “the most accurate prayer time application on mobile devices.”
Muslim Pro is user friendly with large icons and you have a choice of visual and audio notifications.
The app also points out directions to the closest halal restaurants at maghrib time.

Muslim Pro also lists Islamic events and has a copy of the Koran complete with phonetic pronunciation and translation- there’s no wonder this app has over 15 million users in 215 countries.

This app is great if you are astute at photo-editing.
You can take your images and add Islamic sayings to them. You can then share those customised images onto Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
The app is a big hit in the Middle East with young people.

There are a plethora of apps that find halal restaurants for you. This one is useful as not only does it point out the nearest halal restaurants, their opening times and menu prices but it even points out prayer accommodations.
The app features 75,000 user reviews of over 20,000 restaurants, so it’s definitely a good point of reference.

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