Proper Hosting and Domain

Always taking hosting from best hosting site(bluehost,hostgator). So that nothing to disturb on the server 24×7 if disturb hosting server then problem to getting visitor to your site.Some few server provide very low cost but most of time server not open.

Domain is the another important part of the site. You choose good domain name from where user can easily understand what purpose of the blog.Taking domain always use small name not use big name and domain name is related to the content keyword.

Good Design 

Designing of your blog in good manner that user can see your blog and attractive . That the user can engage in your blog . A good design can given good organic traffic.

Proper Content

Write better blogger post content . Do not copy paste content from other site .Always write easy english language not use hard language.So that User can easily understand . Write content unique in the blogger world then the visitor can interested that content. Describe your content in user friendly. Always trying to post new content.

Internal linking in content

When you write post content always provide some internal linking related to the content from that user can engage you blog and increasing you backlink of your blog. From that user can choose blog better than other blog.

User Comment Answer

Always answer the user comment . User wants to know from you some important tips using comment. That ways user can felling good and come to your blog next time because he/she get the answer from you .

Posting Content Regularly

Always Post content regularly.That the user can understand the blog was going on but not stop .Maximum blogger are stop their blog update because do not get good SEO result . If you post regular and indexing post in webmaster tools the get good traffic.