People of Leb (iPhone application) is a new Lebanese Directory that allows you to easily discover exclusive information about Lebanese people worldwide.

Via this app, you can access Lebanon’s demographic statistics and view graphical reports sorted by region, religion, family, name and age.

People of Leb also categorizes Lebanese people according to their occupation (Presidents, Ministers, Deputies, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Celebrities etc) and lets you view the daily obituary list of Lebanon.

Main Features:

–        Find out how people view your profile.

–        Easily search for Lebanese people and view their biographies, photo albums, family members, and timelines.

–        Stay updated with the social media posts and news of famous Lebanese people.

–        Explore Lebanese people in organized categories.

–        Access Lebanon’s demographic statistics.

–        Access the daily obituary list of Lebanon.

–        Explore Lebanese families from the largest to the smallest.

–        Find out how each family is distributed among Lebanese regions.

–        Find the most used names in Lebanon.


People of Leb – Know your People, Know your Country!