Middle East Web Solutions (MEWS) is a full service web development Internet marketing company and technology integrator founded in 2003 by Rony Nassour, a well respected name in the MENA web/digital media ecosystem.
MEWS (www.mews.me) is an Internet services and solutions company that focuses on cost-effective technology applications and providing tailor-made solutions for companies of different sizes.

As says Nassour: “the Internet is still in its infancy if you consider the amount of what still can be achieved. We rave about Twitter today but will maybe laugh about tweets in 5 years from now.
One constantly needs to keep up with ever-changing technologies.”. Over the years, MEWS has been incredibly successful in growing its customer base and expanding regionally. Why? As highlights Nassour: “our clients benefit from our balanced strategy of design/coding and technological innovation. Our collaborative efforts in terms of project management, design, development and digital marketing have generated award winning results.

We have developed a streamlined process that allows us to achieve and exceed our clients’ most stringing objectives.” Bottom line: MEWS helps clients of all sizes find the most cost-effective plan to reach their bottom line goals and has the expertise and technology to execute that plan flawlessly. Asked about his future plans, Nassour (a serial entrepreneur) gently smiles: “my next move, something I have been working on for the last few years, is Inchallah going to be really big”.

If MEWS is any indication of Nassour’s ability to create and deliver innovative solutions, products and services, Nassour is a man to follow…
Source: http://www.menaopportunities.info/2013/11/middle-east-web-solutions-mews-pioneer.html#.Un6tlOLuBMQ