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Print is dead, radio is dying and pay per click is too confusing. You need a spark. The marketing you’re doing isn’t clicking the way it once did. Get ready to revamp your business model. The popularity of mobile apps is the key to changing your marketing approach. So what steps should you take to make the most of your new venture? There are several things to consider when you start a mobile marketing campaign.

Mobile Apps

First and foremost, a mobile app should be the your top priority and the flagship of your new marketing program. Design an app that caters to smart phone users with important details, usability and convenience. Assets like contact info, marketing information, engaging graphics and interactive features will help you achieve that. Use a responsive design that mirrors your “look” and website but is also simplistic and retains functionality.


Smart phones have location-based technology and users are becoming more and more comfortable with this. So are marketers. You can hone in on the users who meet your particular geographical demographic by using things like users in your target regions with locations-based coupons and geo-fenced push notifications. Use localized marketing to bring the right customers to you.


Using loyalty/rewards programs like incentives, coupons, special deals, sharing opportunities, and more can make a huge difference for your business. These kinds of incentives create brand loyalty through customer engagement. Customers will learn to expect more from your brand and they’ll stick around to watch you meet those expectations. Delighted customers like to talk, which means more referrals coming your way.

Money Talks

Mobile payments can be a big obstacle to users but the ability to accept them is incredibly important. If your app or ordering system isn’t streamlined and functioning properly customers will be turned off and won’t come back. Taking the time to make a simple and effective payment program is important. Many are built in to apps, making mobile apps that much better because they allow customers to choose items through the app and pay through it as well.


Consider sending newsletters via email. It may seem old school but many customers still appreciate this type of communication because they can go back to it later when they have time. Make sure to include calls to action and contact info. And links to your app(s) since so many people check their emails on their phones.