Find your ideal audience

Young Millennials and mothers are important customers for a wide range of brands this Ramadan season. Historically, we also find that most brands value social influencers and entertainment enthusiasts and reaching them effectively means achieving marketing objectives.

Young Millennials are the largest consumer segment in the world today with over 2 billion around the globe. They are highly influential, too, with their increasing purchasing power as well as a strong impact on purchase decisions of their peers. In fact, 74 percent say they either make their own purchasing decisions and influence decisions for others. And information they glean from their smartphones and tablets is often how they make these decisions.

Mothers are the decision makers for the meals during Ramadan preparing 43 percent more dishes at home and spending 17 percent more time spent on mealtime preparations. Search volumes for recipes by women double during the month of Ramadan.

Add location context

Consider matching your audience’s activities during different times of day to your campaign approach and message. With days during Ramadan revolving around prayer times and the breaking of fast, InMobi recommends planning campaigns around these times when consumers are most likely to engage with their devices.

Geo-fencing is one method of connecting with consumers during specific times of the day. The end of prayer might be an ideal time to reach consumers leaving their mosque.

Extend the reach and frequency of TV and YouTube

The Middle East is among the world’s highest per capita consumers of video with more than 50 percent of this video being viewed from mobile devices. With brands investing so much in video from TV and YouTube, mobile advertising becomes the ideal way to reach additional consumers by incrementing the video view count on YouTube or TV reach through an HTML5 mobile video ad unit on the InMobi MENA network.