Social media measurement, math, and other things PR pros are afraid of

Social media is not a phase, and the majority of the world understands this. However, now it is common to fin companies and organizations on social media just to be on social media. If there is no strategy behind why you are creating an online presence, then what is the point?

One very important aspect in building a social media strategy is: measurement. Measuring social media activity should also be measured against your business objectives to determine if what you are doing online has an impact, and if it doesn’t, then how to create that impact.

So, when I stumbled upon this infographic from, there was no surprise to see that everyone loves using social media, sees the benefit and even increases the amount spent on doing social media.

The surprising part of this infographic is that 50% of them don’t know how to measure success.

Measuring social media isn’t rocket science, but it is essential to your business. A very smart friend of mine, Gini Dietrich, wrote a post a few months ago about Five Ways to Measure Social Media Efforts. I suggest you read it.