For most online marketers, email marketing is second only to search engines when it comes to the crucially important holiday season, and this mode of sales generation is only growing.

Email throughput was up a staggering 13% overall, between 2012 and 2013, year-on-year.

And it’s sure to hike up further this season, in these next couple of months. In fact, a lot of online marketers already started early this year — as early as September. Some people like to spend early, and what better time to get to them before the rush begins.

If you need some solid information to craft your email marketing campaigns, then this infographic from Email Monks presents a lot of supporting data to help you get started.

It lists some of the most important email marketing tips for the holiday 2014 season:

“Sleigh bells are ringing and it’s the time now to grab this amazing holiday season with email marketing. Wrap the 2014 Q4 in style with roaring revenues and creative email campaigns! Forget not, email was one of the most successful communication channels for marketers in 2013.”

A lot of wholesome information here.

From email on mobile devices to important dates for holiday email this year, to how online marketers are targeting social channels to launch their campaigns — several takeaways in this well designed piece.

There are also a few pointers on how to prepare great discounts, as well as tips on how to spread your emails throughout the holiday season. A lot of text content in this infographic (which is very welcome), so make sure you give it a read before laying out your email marketing strategies for the holidays.

















Email Marketing Tips Holiday 2014