Does the perfect social media post really exist? As social media platforms have evolved over the years, so have their uses and functions for targeting certain audiences. These iterations and new developments can makes creating the perfect post difficult, but not impossible.

Here at Wamda for example, we continually test new formats, timing and types of content, and find ourselves having to constantly adapt our social media strategy to keep up with the changes of each social network. Content on Facebook, for example, gets more traction if it stays positive and doesn’t disclose everything right away, giving a reason for users to click to find more, while a direct call to action or including clear facts or figures on Twitter sees more engagement, according to the infographic below.

When it comes to Pinterest, things are a bit different; images and colors play a bigger role (red and orange are the most effective), and images withno faces are more popular. Google+ engagement increases in communities where tagging brands, people and using hashtags for specific topics brings more traffic to a post.