Email marketing is definitely a great addition to advertising campaigns that are making use of PPC advertising or other forms of paid advertising and marketing plans. There are a few queries that might pop up; firstly, is Email marketing really useful and secondly how should the strategy be improved so that it does not give a feeling of spam to the potential customers. Here we will explore the answer to these queries and also the benefits of Email marketing.

Email marketing is a useful means of marketing. Today almost everyone has access to the internet and email accounts and also can access PPC advertisements. With smart phones and mobile internet things have become much simpler and people can access their Email accounts even on the move and that too immediately without waiting to get access to a computer. People who are connected to the internet 24/7 and have Email accounts want to receive emails. Research has also suggested that Emails are the most popular means of receiving and sending messages. So, this clears out the confusion and suggests that Email marketing is definitely a good approach.

Now the answer to how to launch an effective Email marketing that does not appear as spam. Here are some points that you can consider to make sure that your Email marketing does not turn out to be spam.

  • Get permission from contacts on sending them Email promotions. If your website has a contact form and clients have subscribed to your Email alerts, you can make the most of Email marketing. If you have maintained a database of clients, you can contact them through phone or Email and ask them whether they wish to receive emails from your company. If you haven’t done so then your email marketing will be treated as spam.
  • Choose the best time to send out your emails. It is better to do some research to find when emails can irritate the clients and when they will read it willingly. Even though this process is time taking, it will prove to be beneficial. You can ask your clients on the preferable time when they wish to receive your emails.
  • Design your email marketing and landing pages, so that they can be accessed even by mobile devices. There is a steep rise in people who are making use of mobile devices to check their emails. A number of people prefer checking and replying to emails during their travel time. So, if your email marketing and the subsequent landing pages fail to get accessed on mobile devices, you are possibly losing on prospective customers.
  • Think twice before adding images to email marketing. Images have proven to be an excellent means of promoting any product or service. But when it comes to email marketing, it is best to opt for written content, as images take time to get loaded. This can cause an interruption especially on mobile devices.
  • When you are making use of email marketing, make sure that you send across the message quickly. Emails that are sent in detail often fail to garner the attention of the reader and they stop reading way before they get to the real message. Hence, make your emails to the point and give out information crisp and quick.
  • It has been observed that asking questions gives positive results for email marketing. Ask interesting and inspiring questions which will encourage people to answer and get involved in a conversation. This creates inquisitiveness in the reader’s mind and hence gives positive results for email marketing.
  • Make sure that all the emails that you send through your email marketing campaign have a unsubscribe button. If your emails do not have this option, it can often leave the reader agitated and they can put across a bad word against your company and can also ruin other forms of paid marketing.
  • Lastly keep in mind that email marketing alone cannot do wonders for your online marketing campaign. It is a great supportive option to other paid advertising campaigns. You can talk to an expert who deals with paid marketing campaigns and they can help you in devising a great and effective plan.

Email marketing is a great source of advertising and you should consider it. However make sure that all your online marketing campaigns are leading to the same goal of making your business successful.