Social media is a force for empowering entrepreneurs, say 86% of those polled in a study by the Dubai School of Government (DSG).

Drawn from the DSG’s report, “Social Media, Employment and Entrepreneurship: New Frontiers for the Economic Empowerment of Arab Youth?”, which polled over 5,000 youth in the GCC, Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan last year, these infographics reveal the role of social media in innovation and youth employment.

From the results, it’s clear that social media is perceived to have a positive effect on not just entrepreneurship, but society as a whole:

86% believe social media empowers entrepreneurs through branding and marketing (90%), tapping into wider markets (86%) and entrepreneurial spirit within the entreprise (84%).

84% said students would benefit from social media to develop entrepreneurial skills.

81% agree that having national social media policies would facilitate better use of social media in the workplace.
When it comes to youth employment, which reaches 26.5% in the Middle East and 27.9% in North Africa, social media is also seen as a vehicle for change. While there are four unemployed youth in the Middle East for every unemployed adult, respondents say that:

Social media can help youth enter the workforce through job matching (70%), and up-skilling (84%).

Social media influences the workplace by triggering more customer satisfaction (85%), increasing trust between co-workers (78%), and boosting intra-agency collaboration.