The world is abuzz all the time about almost everything that is happening to anything and to anyone anywhere. The world has become pretty small. We can easily reach friends in any corner of the world, anytime in the click of a mouse. We have workers doing our work while we sleep.
The social media is a universe in itself that continuously hums and anyone who fully understands how to ride the tide is able to put the most money in the bank.
Write Blogs
Before you create a blog, identify your target customers. You need to clarify in your mind what this target group is. Once you recognize your readers, you will be able to classify their perceived needs. From there, you can give them what they want.
Be Present in your Blog
People want to build relationships. When they read your blog, they want to see if they can trust you to give them more of what they want. They need to feel that you are always there. Be consistent in blogging.
Write Content that Answers a Need
When you write, think of your readers. The reader is there because he is looking for an answer to his problem. Stick to answering needs. Don’t write about your bad day or the gossip mongers in town or the latest scandal, unless that is your main blog topic. If you are catering to those who like to read about ignominy, humiliation and disrepute, that is probably an interesting topic for some people. People generally don’t read articles to be depressed. Most of the time, they are looking for answers to personal issues.
Write to Help your Readers
Offer lots of How Tos. Start with your personal interests which you think other people may be interested in too. For example, if you are a serial online entrepreneur and you have set up so many businesses, talk about them. Tell your readers what you did. Tell why it worked or why it didn’t work. They will most probably identify with you easily. Then, that is your opening in creating a connection with them. Tell stories.
Create Groups in Facebook
Facebook allows the creation of groups where you can continue to connect with people you have met in conferences or seminars.
Use your Facebook group as an extension of yourself. Offer services. Give free webinars.
Make people feel special
Acknowledge their comments and or opinions whether it is positive or otherwise. Let them know that you value their thoughts.
Personalize it when you connect with people.
Own up to mistakes created on Social Media
People are fallible. The important thing is that you own up to your mistakes on social media. Because if you don’t it will spell trouble for your business.
Create Contests
This will build up your email list because when people join your contest, they will give you their email addresses. This will allow you to send them more information about services or products you offer that can add value to their lives.
Use contests to know more about what your customers want.
Be Mobile Friendly
More and more people are using their mobile apps not just to make calls or to send text messages. They are now using it to check their email, look at what’s new in Google reader, etc. Make sure what you have can also be viewed using mobile apps.

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