Apple calls it the most amazing phone yet. Most technology geeks agree that iPhone 4S packs an intelligent software. Already bookings have shot through the roof, as is usually the case with most Apple products. The fact is that iPhone 4S fuses an iPod with an internet communicator while retaining the exteriors of its predecessor, iPhone 4.

The first reviews of iPhone 4S are mixed bag. Although early-bird users and technology bloggers have given a thumbs up to the improved hardware specifications and software updates compared to the previous model, the new generation of Apple phones will inadvertently be compared to the original iPhone 4. As it were, all is not well with the latest iPhone.

Newzglobe brings to you five things which make iPhone 4S somewhat uncool notwithstanding the hype and sales. Five things Apple would have done without, perhaps.

Looks that don’t wow: iPhone 4S has not matched the unprecedented frenzy about the look. The trademark Apple style and touch is missing. It is an exact copy of the previous version, upsetting a lot of fans. The screen size is the same; it is not bigger as expected. At 3.5-inch multi-touch display, iPhone 4S retains the same 960-by-640-pixel resolution of iPhone 4.

No digital wallet this: Everyone was talking about Apple coming up with a revolutionary phone that will have a Near Field Communication (NFC) support. However iPhone 4S has no NFC — a technology that allows mobile users to use the phone to pay for retail goods or services — such as transit rides — by simply waving their handsets across a reader. As an aside BlackBerry and Samsung are fast working on NFC support in their upcoming models.

Speed bumps: The new iPhone is not frighteningly fast, as fanboys expected it to be. Apple failed to incorporate Intel’s Thunderbolt technology in its latest gadget. Users looking forward to high-speed data transfer and high-definition (HD) display are a shade dejected. The technology that transfers a full-length HD movie in less than a minute can wait.

Raw camera deal: Another downer is the camera. The 8 megapixel camera is the same as all of the other 8 megapixel smartphone cameras that exist. The front-facing FaceTime camera is of very low-quality compared to its competitors and if you use FaceTime or Skype, the front camera on the iPhone 4S will definitely let you down. It is the same as it was on the iPhone4. No good.

Handle me with care 24 x 7: Just like the models before this one, the iPhone 4S is ultra fragile. It comes with a glass back that is easy to break. Perchance if you are susceptible to dropping phones, or if it slips from your hand, your AED 5000 upwards dream smartphone is finished. iPhone 4S needs to be taken care of – at all times. Not a very easy proposition in the busy bustle of modern life.

Source: newzglobe