Reality TV star and mobile app entrepreneur Kim Kardashian West spoke about mobile technology trends and how she has built her career at today’s Code/Mobile conference in Half Moon Bay, Calif.

Kardashian West is in a good position to give social media advice — she has 24.8 million followers on Twitter and 20 million on Instagram.

And so, some tips on tweeting from Kardashian herself:

  • Social media will make your career.
    “I think my career is so heavily based on social media, and so many opportunities have come my way because of the mobile space.”
  • Use Twitter as your Google.
    “Twitter really became my form of Google — I would just get on Twitter and say, ‘Does anyone know where to go eat in this city?’ … It’s just an amazing focus group.”
  • Instagram is the best social network.
    “It’s intimate. It has a little bit more texture than just words.”
  • Use your BlackBerry Bold for power-tweeting.
    “It’s my heart and soul. I love it, and I’ll never get rid of it.”
  • Don’t be weird and post more than three pictures from one location.
    “I have a three-image rule: In the same setting, I try not to do more than three. It over-saturates my feed.”
  • Bonus tip: Wearable tech is not cute.
    “It’s just not for me.”