Facebook will now take a few cues from LinkedIn. The social media giant is reportedly in the process of testing a new feature dubbed Profile Tags. With this new feature, users can add tags to their own profile or let friends add tags for you which must be approved before they become publicly visible.

Facebook confirmed that they are testing out the feature to The Verge and share that, “Profile tags are a creative tool that lets you and your friends add tags to your profile to highlight the things that describe you and what you’re into.” These tags are available in a free form which means that there is no character limit and users can add in emojis as well.

Image: The Verge

Image: The Verge

The report adds that once this feature is rolled out to all, friends will be able to add tags to your profile such as words that describe you such as great artist, talented dancer etc.

You will then receive a notification as to whether you would like to accept or decline the tag. As per your wish, the tag will be visible or will disappear. Once approved, friends can like your tags as well.

According to Facebook, this feature is currently only being tested in New Zealand but no information has been provided as to when other countries will get to try this feature out.

Source: http://tech.firstpost.com/news-analysis/facebook-now-testing-linkedin-style-profile-tags-for-profile-pages-report-275965.html