Notably, the survey results show that digital growth in 2013 is slightly higher than for marketing overall. Companies who are increasing their digital budgets are doing so by 28% this year, compared to a 22% increase for marketing overall. However, it’s important to emphasize that this figure relates to proportional growth, rather than in terms of absolute budget invested.

Nevertheless, the figures reflect a buoyant digital industry, highlighted by the extent to which different online channels are used by companies for marketing.

Which online channels do you use for marketing?

The chart above indicates that the vast majority of companies are using email for marketing. It makes sense for marketers to employ email marketing, as previous research from Effective Measures has indicated email to be the most popular online activity for consumers in the Middle East.

Email consistently performs well in these types of surveys, because it is inherently measurable. There are numerous metrics available (for example, open rates, click through rates, unsubscribes) that allow marketers to measure success. But despite many companies employing email, there’s clearly a need for marketers to adopt best practice email marketing techniques to optimize their campaigns.