Ninety-eight percent of customers have purchased an item as a result of email marketing, a survey says. You might want to start beefing up your email strategy.

Now let’s look at how survey participants said they want to connect with brands.

Email is the channel they use most often to connect with brands or companies they trust. Eighty-five percent of consumers—both those with and without smartphones—ranked email as their go-to channel for connecting and communicating with brands. And 56 percent of those consumers head straight to Facebook.

Email marketing performs well because it is inherently measurable. There are numerous metrics available (e.g, open rates, clickthrough rates, unsubscribes) that allow marketers to measure success. But despite these metrics, are emails still popular with recipients? Well, another research shows otherwise. Almost a third of recipients (32%) in Middle East, claim that they find email marketing annoying and unappealing. This certainly presents a challenge for organizations in the Middle East to improve upon.

If you’re not laser focused on email marketing as part of your integrated marketing strategy, this data might inspire you to rethink that. For our e-commerce clients in particular, email is our most valuable marketing channel, and all our efforts are focused on growing, building, segmenting, personalizing and fine-tuning our customer lists.

Social media continues to be weak when it comes to purchases made as a direct result of social media efforts, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t participate on social media channels. They’re important, especially with regard to delivering great customer service and building brand awareness and trust.

Most businesses use Email Marketing – however, very few optimize their email subscriber journey for conversions. here at MEWS we work deeply with tactics and ideas for optimizing our emails so that  we achieve our clients Objectives.