You ever have one of those moments when you look around you and say “this can’t be life“? I had a less dramatic social mediaversion of that the other day. The lack of custom Facebook tabs out there is astounding to me. Custom Facebook app tabs are such a great tool for visibility, branding, and awareness, but are so often ignored. Don’t ignore them! Learn to use Facebook app tabs for your brand.

The other day I was searching for an example of creative Facebook app tabs to show a client (mine were boring) and to my surprise I really didn’t find any. It wasn’t so much that I couldn’t find creative ones, but coming across them at all was difficult. I didn’t realize such a simple question would lead to my mind being blown at this simple, over looked feature.

Facebook app tabs live on the right side of your Facebook page’s timeline. They link to “tabs” (think of it as another page within your fan page) where you can host various types of content. Many brands use them to promote contests, but they are great for “everyday use” also.

I try to set up Facebook tabs as soon as I get my hands on a client’s account. Here are a few benefits:

  • Visibility: Facebook tabs are prime real estate on your Facebook timeline. This helps you bring a little undivided attention to the objective of your choice. I’ve placed my new tabs under the “About” section.
    • Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 11.57.42 AM
  • Awareness: Did you just launch on Instagram? This is one more way to remind your audience that they can connect with you there if they prefer. If your company is in an industry where usernames can be very similar, it is helpful to set up a tab app page to your Twitter account to let your fans know which account is the right you.
  • Branding: Images for app tabs are customizable. This give you room for branding and to get creative. Show us who you are (use your “voice”) Think visual marketing here too.

And of course, the benefits of hooking up some tabs:

  • Stickyness: I call it stickyness – and what I mean is because tabs can host content (and can get pretty interactive) your fans don’t have to leave your Facebook page- they engage with you a little longer.
  • Traffic: App tabs can drive traffic to a landing page or website if you create content which includes calls to action.
  • Increase Fans: Your app tab lets your fans know you’re on other social networks, and your tab page can host a stream of your posts, along with follow buttons. This allows you to grow your membership, from your page.
  • Targeting: Each separate tab has its own link. You can direct fans, website visitors or individuals to the tabs you want them to see. This can enable you to get more traffic to your fan page, from people who are visiting your website. Cross promotion!
  • Branding: I know I mentioned this above, but I want to emphasize how your voice can be reflected. Check out GrubHub’s tabs and how fun they are. They use on brand imaging and messaging. I love these!

You can have a web designer create custom apps for your tabs, or you can use services such as Pagemodo or WooBox, who do all the hard work for you. You can simply create custom images and calls to action for each of your tabs. Although tabs aren’t viewable on mobile, you can link to the individual pages.

Facebook custom app tabs are a great way to increase awareness, and membership on your other social channels, email list, highlight a special cause and more. They are also another branding tool, and an opportunity for you to show your fans your brand’s “personality” and what you care about. Again all re-enforcing the bond between you and your network.

Go set up those tabs and integrate them into your Facebook strategy!