When it comes to creating buzz online, it’s hard to keep up. You want to hit your social media marketing out of the ballpark, but with so many changes, updates, and new features, how can you know you’re leveraging every avenue available?

Here are seven new tools and solutions that you should be aware of when marketing your business on social media.

1. Pinterest Messenger

Pinterest users send over two million pins each day. With so much engagement on Pinterest, it’s hard to ignore their newest feature – Pinterest Messenger.

The messenger feature allows people to chat about sent pins. Users can plan trips, projects, and weddings easier and faster by keeping the conversation visual and on the popular social media platform.

2. Twitter Promoted Videos

Twitter took the guesswork out of video marketing through Tweets. After months of testing, Twitter found that Tweets with videos generated better engagement and more views. Now, the popular social media network is bringing video marketing to a new level with promoted videos.

With this new tool, brands can upload, distribute, and enhance marketing campaigns using videos on Twitter.

Unlike Facebook’s automatic viewing feature, this new tool offers one-touch viewing. Marketers only pay when the video is clicked on and watched, making it more cost effective. Marketers get access to a wealth of metrics including reach and engagement, percentage of video completions, and organic vs. paid video views.

3. Facebook Save Feature

Newsfeeds are busy, cluttered messes. Many Facebook users love to quickly scroll through their newsfeed to get a quick glimpse at what their friends are up to. For marketers, this can mean lost opportunities.

Now, Facebook offers a save feature. If a Facebook user is on the go but wants to read your article or visit your website when she has more time, she can. With a simple click of the “Save” button, anyone can mark your article as interesting and come back to it at a later time.

4. BuzzSumo

Having a say in the conversation happening on social media is one of the easiest and most effective ways to generate brand awareness. The more you participate, the more people view you as a thought leader, contributor, and valuable resource.

Finding where the conversations are happening isn’t always easy. You might check for trending topics on Twitter, or monitor your competition for new stories and updates. This is no longer enough. Now there’s a new tool to help you stay current and offer fresh perspectives online – BuzzSumo.

To use BuzzSumo, simply plug in a keyword and let the magic happen. This solution will gather updates and show you the most popular content online. Use the search results to keep track of what other companies are talking about for each topic and the response your audience has to the subject at hand.

You can even filter your results by type of post, such as infographic, article, giveaway, or guest post. This tool enables you to reach out to influencers and engage the people who will spread the word about your brand.

5. Updated YouTube App

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. The app has been available for television users looking to watch their favorite videos on the big screen for a few years. Now, the app just got a major update.

In the latest upgrade, YouTube made it easier for users to search for YouTube channels, find playlists, and view subscriptions in the new Guide.

6. Facebook’s Buy Button

Let’s face it. Facebook users are distracted and don’t want to be taken away from their precious newsfeed to go buy a product. Now Facebook is solving that dilemma by making it possible to buy products through the social media network.

Here’s how it works: Marketers post products available for purchase directly on Facebook. When a buyer clicks on the buy button in the post, she can quickly snatch up her new item without leaving Facebook. It’s the essence of point-of-purchase; you capture buyers with credit card in hand and product on the mind. You don’t have to rely on your buyer to find you later when she’s ready to purchase. You can make the sale faster and easier, growing your business.

7. Pinterest Specialized Interests

Pinterest is getting smart. The social media giant knows that its users love to browse through for ideas and inspiration. To better facilitate that, they have released specialized interests sections in some of the top categories.

The special interests section narrows the user’s search for articles, information, and images to Pin. It makes it easier to find websites that match interests and projects that match ideas.

Put These New Tools to Use in Your Social Media Marketing

One of the best ways you can use these new tools to grow your business is to find your contacts on social media. Some CRMs allow you to track down social media accounts to engage with your audience on a deeper level. Insightly is a great example. The Insightly CRM automatically adds social profiles to your customer’s data. This makes finding and engaging with your audience easier and faster.

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