After working on numerous Facebook pages for local & international Brands I realized that this bird called “engagement” can’t be tamed and you need to continue to evolve with your creative ammunition to keep it on your side.

Every Brand, every agency & every community manager who works in Social Media space is trying different tactics to tame this bird but they all realize sooner or later that this is not an easy task.

Its known from a long time that Facebook posts with Photos generate best engagement rates but have you ever thought that what you can do beyond that  improve your engagement rates? Below are some some tips that you can start testing on your Facebook page for optimizing the engagement.

Tip # 1: Use of specific Call to Action within Post Text

This is most common tactic used by Social Media managers worldwide. The idea is to ask Fans in a creative way that what you want them to do after they see the post in their timeline. Check some examples below.

Example of Call-to-action to improve “Likes”

Example of Call-to-action within Facebook Post to improve Likes

Example of Call-to-action to improve “Shares”

Example of Call-to-action within Facebook Post to improve Shares

Example of Call-to-action to improve “Comments”

Example of Call-to-action within Facebook Post to improve Comments

Tip # 2: Call to Action within Post Image

Include a Call-to-action within image that you are posting. This is very effective technique as Facebook users often scroll & scan their news feed quickly (especially on Mobile devices) and their are high chances that they will not read the “post text” and including a Call-to-action within image increases the chances of them discovering what we want them to do.



Tip # 3: Length of Posts

Length of posts plays an important aspect in grabbing the attention of your Fans. Who likes to read long & lengthy texts when you have so much to do on Facebook?

Test your page by posting content of various character lengths and then analyze after few weeks/months if you can find any correlation between length of posts & avg. engagement you receive per post. You can group posts into categories for easier analysis:

  • Short Length Posts (0-100 characters)
  • Medium Length Posts (101-250 characters)
  • Long Posts (251+ Characters)

Create your own length categories if these doesn’t fit into your strategy.

Tip # 4: Language Order of Posts

In Middle East many Facebook pages prefer to write the Facebook post content in dual language and I found this trick very effective. Try to test various combinations of order of language in your post and see which one works best for your page.

  • Arabic First, English Second
  • English First, Arabic Second
  • Only in Arabic
  • Only in English

Facebook posts with different language strategy

In above screenshots you can notice various combinations used by various brands on Facebook pages. A lot of pages doesn’t even realize that how much engagement can rates differ with these combinations.

Tip # 5: Categorization of Posts into Product Categories

Group your posts into various categories and then analyze the engagement to find out if any particular Category of posts resonates with your Fans better than others. You’ll be often surprised to see the results.

  • For example if you are an Electronics brand then product categories can be Household Appliances, Mobiles, Computers, Tablets, etc.
  • If you are a Automobile brand then product categories can be Sedans, SUVs, Trucks, etc.
  • If you are a Dairy brand then product categories can be Milk, Cheese, Butter, etc.

Plan a testing strategy carefully using a combination of above tricks and test the engagement rates in few weeks/months to learn what works best for your Facebook page.