Apps for content marketers

I can’t imagine my life without mobile apps. I use them to get things done, get inspired and do my job well.

And indeed, the right apps can help you as a content marketer to become a more effective, productive and creative. Here are five types of mobile apps I suggest checking out.

Social media management

Many content marketers need to be social media experts because they also manage their company’s social presences in addition to their own accounts. You could download all the individual apps for various social networks, but a better way of managing accounts is to use a social management tool. Hootsuite is a good choice if you want to have one tool that schedules updates and aggregates streams like lists and saved searches. If you want something that’s strictly for scheduling posts, Buffer is a great option. Many social media management apps also have content-recommendation tools, which are nifty if you’re looking to discover content to share.

Cloud storage

Being able to store, access and edit files from the cloud is a big productivity booster. One of the most popular cloud-storage apps is Dropbox. It can enhance your content marketing strategy by letting you use the cloud to collaborate with your colleagues. If you regularly send big files to clients and colleagues, Dropbox provides a better way of doing so without clogging up people’s inboxes. Using a tool like Orangedox to send Dropbox links, you can even see page-by-page analytics and gain insight on which part of your files were read.

Digital note-taking

Creativity can strike from anywhere at any time. In fact, research shows that creative ideas usually come to people outside of work—for instance, while in the shower or while doing something mundane like washing the dishes. Your next creative blog post, ebook or infographic idea could come out of nowhere.

Digital notebooks can help you capture these ideas so you can retrieve and work on them later on. As recently noted by the Harvard Business Review, a note-taking program can create an inspiration or innovation system for you and give you a process for capturing your best ideas for easier retrieval later on.

RSS readers

The best content marketers consume a lot of other people’s content. Subscribing to blogs by other content marketers can help improve your own work by giving you new ideas of what to write about and by giving you examples of how to create awesome content. That’s where an RSS reader could help. Apps like Feedly make it easy to aggregate your feeds so you can easily and quickly keep up with your favorite blogs. Pulse and Flipboard are great options as well especially for tablet users.

To-do apps

To-do apps can keep you organized and on track. If you’re an iOS user, the built-in Reminders app is a decent option especially if you use other Apple devices. Other to-do applications like Wunderlist and Teux Deux are also worth checking out.

Use apps to your advantage!

To thrive as a content marketer, you need to be as productive and as creative as possible. When used right, the types of apps suggested here should be a good start. What types of mobile apps would you add to the list?