Here are 5 statistics on email marketing that can blow your mind and enable you to improve your own email marketing campaign.

1. Emails that include social sharing buttons have 158% higher CTR. Generally speaking, people love to share information they find interesting or valuable. Social networks have made it possible for people to share everything they see or read online with little to no effort whatsoever. Adding buttons within emails that allow readers to share the content is an invaluable marketing tool.

2. 44% of all email recipients made at least one purchase via a promotional email. This is an important statistic because it shows that email marketing does still work. Despite the growth of social commerce and mobile apps, emails are still a highly effective means of marketing.

3. Personalized email subject lines are 22.2% more effective. In this case, effectiveness is measured by the percentage of emails that get opened by recipients. Personalized subject lines are ones that content the recipients name. Email management systems like Aweber allow marketers to have names automatically inserted into subject lines and emails.

4. 33% of recipients open emails based solely on the subject line. This statistic emphasizes the importance of subject lines in email marketing. Learning how to write a killer attention-grabbing subject line is essential. It will make a significant difference in the success of an email marketing campaign.

5. Emails sent on Mondays have higher conversion rates. Scheduling emails widely is essential to the success of any email campaign. Research has found that emails opened on Mondays have the highest actual conversion rates, while emails opened on Tuesdays have the highest open rate. So informative emails are better sent on Tuesdays, while sales emails are better sent on Mondays.