When it comes to promoting your own business, word of mouth is often not enough to let your target market know about your products or special offers. That’s where email marketing steps in.

Email marketing helps keep your current audience informed and attracts new audiences through special promotions and offers.

Because of ease of use and convenient functionality, email marketing helps you stay connected with your most loyal customers and boost the number of returning customers.

The four most successful ways to track and keep your email audience are newsletters, special offers, analytics and subscriptions.

1. Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to educate your audience on what your brand is all about. They are also perfect for announcing new products and achievements within your business, as well as an easy way to keep people in the loop on forthcoming releases or ventures.

2. Special Offers

If you plan to put certain products on sale or have special promotional offers, email marketing is a great way to get these deals to your audience. You can also set up an email marketing campaign to sign up users after they make purchases through your website. This can help boost your number of repeat customers, because they’ll be kept up-to-date with these special offers.

3. Analytics

Almost every email marketing service offers some type of analytics tool to track your emails. These tools allow you to see who opened the email, who clicked through which links, and the number of people who marked the email as spam or unsubscribed. With these tools, you can better gauge what your audience is looking for, thus making your marketing more effective.

4. Subscriptions

Many services offer embeddable codes to put email marketing signups straight onto your website. Other services allow the user to subscribe when completing a transaction so they can continue to be updated on great products and deals that you release in the future.