All social networks are heavily pushing visual content, in their own way. On Facebook, Edgerank will reward you with a greater organic reach if you share a video, and Twitter is set to launch a native video service in the weeks to come. Every platform based on visual content has wind in its sails, as these stats from November 2014 testify:



It is high time to jump on these platforms, but make sure you have a robust visual content strategy before you make your move. Your imagery must be value adding and should encourage fans and followers alike to click on your link.

Key Points To Take Away

  • 83% of the stuff humans learn is visual!
  • – More and more brands start to have a presence on Instagram and Pinterest
  • – Roughly half of mobile users watch videos on their device
  • 54% of internet users share self-generated visual content (!)
  • – Almost everyone agrees to say visual is impacting one’s purchase decision
Did you know that 54% of internet users share self-generated visual content?


Now check out the 18 stats that prove visual content is king in the full infographic:


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