Social media is a great tool for marketing and sales, but it can take a while to build rapport with your audience and to grow an actively engaged social following. And who has the patience or time for that? The infographic below includes ten actions you can take today to improve your social engagement quickly and painlessly.

10 Ways To Improve Social Engagement Today image 10 Ways to Improve Social Engagement Today


1. Update Your Social Media Profiles

You never know what will act as the catalyst for gaining your next valuable connection or prospect, so keep your job title, location, links to third party websites, and picture as current as possible.

2. Increase Thought Leadership

Information on Twitter moves fast. Scheduling content to post to your profile throughout the day will save time while increasing thought leadership. Just remember to keep an eye on any interactions you may receive from your network as they can lead to valuable conversations.

3. Share Posts to LinkedIn and Google+

LinkedIn and Google+ provide access to lucrative connections and important conversations that you don’t want to miss. Make sure you stay in-the-know by sharing content to these channels while you have a few minutes to monitor any comments or other interactions you may receive.

4. Grow Your LinkedIn Network

Valuable connections start with valuable invitations. Instead of sending a standard LinkedIn invitation to connect, send an invitation that has been personalized with how you know this person, why you want to connect, and a question to continue the conversation.

5. Start a Twitter Conversation

It isn’t necessary to thank every new Twitter follower you receive, but choosing one or two new followers for a ‘shout out’ to each day is a great way to start conversations with thought leaders and potential prospects.

6. Build Valuable Relationships

It’s also a great idea to start conversations with at least one or two people on each of your other social networks every day. This helps you stay informed about your connections and ensures your network never goes stale.

7. Review LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups allow you to learn more about your prospects while giving you the opportunity to educate your prospects as people often use groups to ask questions. Showcase your knowledge and build a great rapport by answering questions when you can.

8. Search Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags have a number of great uses, including providing insights into the interests and upcoming events of your network. You can also use hashtgs to find content that is primed for sharing by researching industry-relevant hashtags.

9. Curate Content

Hashtags aren’t the only place you can find great content. Check out the social profiles of popular industry publications to grab articles that will matter to your network. Set yourself up for a day of engaged social networking by scheduling this content to post to your networks throughout the day tomorrow.

10. Track Effectiveness

Using a native analytics tool, such as Twitter Analytics, or a more comprehensive tool, like the one on rFactr SocialPort, you can see which topics your network responds to best and which posts fell flat. Be sure any content you schedule moving forward reflects what you learned from the metricss.