So you want to leverage Tumblr, but you’re still pondering how to build a blog that both connects with your customers and represents your brand?

Tumblr users are among the most dialed in of any social audience, especially when you narrow in on millennials, the platform’s core demographic. In a November 2014 survey conducted by financial services firm Cowen Group, Tumblr was the only network to occupy nearly as much of its users’ time as Facebook (respectively, 50.6 vs. 51 minutes daily) for individuals between the ages of 18 and 29. This transfers across all age groups, too. Tumblr users as a whole spend a daily average of 34 minutes browsing blogs. Again, this is second to only Facebook, on which users average 42 minutes.

In a world where people communicate by sharing GIFS, sending selfies and conveying entire conversations with emojis, Tumblr speaks the language of our newfound native tongue.

The fact that images are central to the Tumblr experience is what makes it so appealing to consumers and so powerful for brands.

Here’s how you can maximize your brand’s influence and engage the millions of consumers who are discovering and interacting with brands on Tumblr.


Converting Tumblr Engagement Into Sales

So, you’ve made it. Congratulations: You’ve built an active Tumblr community of people who are loyal to your content, privy to your products, and well-acquainted with your brand. Mission accomplished, right?

Not exactly. As a marketer, you’ve probably caught on to a little known secret:

070615_Tumblr_ConvertHow does all that juicy Tumblr engagement translate into traffic and revenue? Curalate and Tumblr recently developed a new ad targeting solution meant to address just that. The quick breakdown of how it works:

  1. Curalate identifies users who have interacted with content that lives on a brand’s ecommerce site – whether they’ve been to the brand’s website or not.
  2. These users are then retargeted with a sponsored Tumblr post.

Easy, right? This is all made possible by a few key ingredients. For one, as a Tumblr A-List Partner, Curalate has access to Tumblr’s firehose (i.e. an unlimited stream of Tumblr blogs). We also have advanced image recognition technology that allows us to track this content—the bulk of which are images—at scale. All of this means that we can connect people who already love your products to the types of content that you want them to see.

So, what happens when you serve up relevant imagery to consumers that are already familiar with your brand? Tumblr is reporting promising results so far, with one luxury apparel retailer delivering a 2.4x lift in unique visitors to their ecommerce site. This same retailer saw a 20x increase in sales associated with a Tumblr post, compared to a piece of non-targeted sponsored content.

And remember: In the end, it’s not just about being present on Tumblr. It’s about being creative, consistent, methodical and relevant. A targeted Tumblr strategy is the first step in turning it into a channel that is capable of showcasing your products and content as well as delivering traffic and revenue.