MEWS - Website Content Management

Website Content Management

MEWS content management systems (CMS) help you get control over your internal process. These tools, built for small, medium or large businesses, offer dynamic page building capabilities.

Our Content Management System includes a low-priced, open source system and window based / systems.

MEWS Content Management System Benefit:

  • Provides an easy-to-use interface where content owners don’t need to know HTML and have access to their websites.
  • Secure login and accessability over document access and modification
  • Reduce paper handling and error-prone manual processes
  • Faster access to information
  • Streamline time-consuming business processes
  • Provide a reliable and accurate audit trail
  • Enable faster updates of Web pages
  • Keep branding consistency and upholds page standardization rules

More Detailed CMS Modules:

  • News Release Management
  • Product Management
  • Document Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Event Management

MEWS Expert CMS Project

A secure e-Commerce portal for the real estate trade utilizing Active server pages, COM objects, MTS packages, Visual Interdev and Visual basic. SMTP email was implemented using CDONTS.

A distributed Internet application for a software development company involving an n-tier Sun J2EE application. Middleware was written in Java Beans.

Customer order and entry system for a Manufacturing Company. Is a cross browser eBusiness application that allows customers to place order and purchase on the web. GUI screens were developed using HTML / VI. Development tools used were ASP,COM and VB script.